July 14th-17th // Area 15, Las Vegas


  • This includes access to all programming From July 14th-17th

July 14th-16th // Area 15, Las Vegas


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  • This includes access to the MAIN EVENT programming from 9:15pm-3am on July 14th-16th

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Discover "MAIN EVENT"
Artists and Speakers

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Musical Guests

The Polish Ambassador


Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers



Elley Duhé

Elley Duhé



Matías De Stefano

Matías De Stefano

Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein

Blu of Earth

Blu of Earth

What is Arkadia?

ARKADIA is extraordinary in every possible sense. It has no up-front cost to attend, boasts an incredible musical lineup, and will host some of the greatest minds of our time. This distinctive festival is designed to provide you an opportunity to rapidly expand your consciousness, within the backdrop of radical celebration. Upon approval of your membership application, your invitation to ARKADIA also comes complete with an exclusive, pre-festival interview series featuring some of our festival speakers and other world-renowned facilitators — imagining and creating a more beautiful world.

ARKADIA represents a return to innocence, beyond the tragedy of our separation from each other and the Earth. This event exists as a parallel reality that lives within the default world. It is less a single event or a sole location but rather a revolution of perspective. And when we create ARKADIA together, its allurement becomes irresistible. Like gravity, it will pull the default world towards it.

To exemplify this revolution of perspective, we financially transitioned ARKADIA to a fully donation model. If you and your crew want to come participate in the revolution, we are “Soul’d Out” for Full Access to the event, but submit your application and we will RSVP you on a first-come, first-serve basis to attend the nighttime offerings from July 14-16. This invitation to the Main Event grants you access to the main stage performances, including our headline speakers and artists, access to AREA15, vendors, art, and more.

This is the most extraordinary event that we’ve ever offered and we would be honored to see you there.

What is Fit For Service

What is
Fit For Service?

Fit For Service is a donation-based platform that combines coaching with in-person experiences, empowering people to claim their sovereignty and better serve themselves, their families, communities, and the world at large.

While this statement is accurate, this just begins to scratch the surface of our mission.

For some, Fit For Service clarifies a hidden depth to their life’s purpose. For others, it is a safe place to restore faith in our shared humanity. For most, it is a place where you can meet trustworthy, lifelong friends and celebrate the joy of being alive. For quite a few, it even brought the birth of a new business or relationship.

Fit For Service is a celebration. It’s a ceremony. It’s a community. It’s a family. It’s unconventional and can be challenging. It’s life-changing and as stated by some of our past members, life-saving.

We are a homebase for our members, offering a vibrant, diverse community to recharge and expand their own awareness so they can carry forward the essence of being Fit For Service, as they feel called.

Area 15,
Las Vegas, NV

ARKADIA is happening at Area 15 in Las Vegas.

Since its founding as a city, Las Vegas has been the home for the exiled Goddess. Lady Luck was revered while Lady Justice was exiled. Ladies of the night are highlighted; queens of the Light, a bit more out of sight. If the more beautiful world is about flipping the tables of outdated constructs, then it’s time we bring the exalted Divine Feminine energy of Love, beauty, wonder, art, listening, compassion, connection, community…Shekhinah…Eros, front and center to Las Vegas.

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The guiding principles of ARKADIA are different from the default world. These include:

  • Reverence

    We celebrate our uniqueness while honoring our shared Source.

  • Regeneration

    Everywhere we touch with language, energy, or presence, we leave better than we found it.

  • Trust

    We lean into community, knowing that our wholeness is a group project.

  • Playfulness

    We understand that laughter holds the answer to the paradox of life.

  • Freedom

    We dance as an act of prayer to our own inner divinity.

  • Music

    We praise music as the mathematics of the spirit.

  • Health

    We believe in the magic held within the miracle of our body, and trust that there are codes available for all of us to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is attendance regulated?

    After over four years of curating transformational events, we’ve also chosen that ARKADIA be a curated event for our FFS Members and their guests. This intimacy will provide comfort for our high-profile speakers and musicians, serving our ability to make deeper connections and amplify our ability to make unmistakable ripples in the worlds we live in.

  • Why do I have to apply?

    When you apply for ARKADIA you are applying for an FFS Membership and only members, or guests of members, can attend our events. The application qualifies you for all FFS events, and signifies our trust that you will be an additive part of the containers we create. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, or what you have accomplished–we value honesty, vulnerability, and a desire to be your best self above all else. This commitment provides all members the freedom to play, pray, dance, learn, and celebrate in complete safety.

  • What do I get by becoming a member?

    i. Membership is free. Members are conditionally approved with an approved application, and become full members upon attendance of any event.

    ii. Members will have lifetime access to all Fit For Service events, festivals, as well as digital and in-person offerings.

    iii. Members are able to bring up to 3 guests to specifically qualifying events

    iv. Members will have exclusive access to a monthly zoom call with Aubrey, AMA format.

    v. Lifetime access to the Fit For Service App