Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is attendance capped at only 1,000 people?

    After over four years of curating transformational events, we’ve also chosen that ARKADIA be a curated event for our FFS Members and their guests. This intimacy will provide comfort for our high-profile speakers and musicians, serving our ability to make deeper connections and amplify our ability to make unmistakable ripples in the worlds we live in.

  • Why do I have to apply?

    When you apply for ARKADIA you are applying for an FFS Membership and only members, or guests of members, can attend our events. The application qualifies you for all FFS events, and signifies our trust that you will be an additive part of the containers we create. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, or what you have accomplished–we value honesty, vulnerability, and a desire to be your best self above all else. This commitment provides all members the freedom to play, pray, dance, learn, and celebrate in complete safety.

  • What do I get by becoming a member?

    Membership is free. Members are conditionally approved with an approved application, and become full members upon attendance of any event.

    Members will have lifetime access to purchase tickets for all Fit For Service events, festivals, as well as digital and in-person offerings.

    Members are able to bring up to 3 guests to specifically qualifying events (tickets required)

    Members will have exclusive access to a monthly zoom call with Aubrey, AMA format.

    Lifetime access to the Fit For Service App

  • How do I buy tickets?

    In order to purchase tickets you must be an approved Fit For Service Member. To apply, click the link to apply on the ARKADIA Website. Applications are processed within 24-48 hours. Once approved you will be sent a link to buy tickets.

  • What is the age limit for this festival?

    This event is currently a 21+ experience.

  • Can I bring a friend for free?

    All attendees must have tickets. An approved membership application for Fit for Service is required to gain access to purchase tickets; approved members may purchase up to three extra tickets for trusted friends and family to attend. Our application process ensures the safety of our guests and members.

  • Where is the schedule of events?

    The full day-by-day schedule for the festival itself will be announced a few weeks in advance of the festival. The digital offerings, featuring our incredible lineup of guest speakers, will be sent to all those who purchase tickets in the weeks leading up to the event.

    Approximate start time for official programming is 12:30pm on 7/14.
    Official programming end time is 9pm on 7/17.
    All campsites must be broken down, cleaned, and vacated by 11am on 7/18.

  • What are load-in and load-out times for camping, glamping, and RV sites?

    Sites are available from Thursday 7/14 at 9am - Monday 7/18 at 11am.
    Recommended load-in time is Thursday & Friday from 9am - 1pm.
    Load-in cut off time 9pm each night, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    Your site must be broken down, cleaned, and vacated by 11am on Monday 7/18.

  • What if I only want to go to the festival? Do I have to be a part of the digital gatherings?

    The digital gatherings are gifts from our master coaches and guests; you do not have to participate to attend the festival. They will be recorded and shared.

  • Can I purchase a day pass if I cannot attend the entire festival?

    Not at this time. The festival is a full, immersive, multi-day experience and we are not offering single day passes.

  • Is lodging included or transportation included?

    No. There are campsites, RV sites, and glamping tents available onsite for a fee, or you may stay at a nearby hotel or AirBnB. Please also add that there are campsites and RV parks with hookups (since ours are non-powered RV sites) nearby in Alpine if you wish to stay off-site.

  • How do I get there?

    The festival will be held at Melvin Brewing 624 Co Rd 101, Alpine, WY 83128.
    The closest large commercial airport is Jackson Hole (JYO). For details on arranging transport or rental cars from Jackson, please reference their website:
    The Idaho Falls Airport (IDA) is a 1.5 hr drive./

  • Does a standard tent camping pass include parking as well? If so, for how many cars?

    You do not have to buy a parking pass in addition to your camping/glamping pass. Your camping/glamping pass grants you access to park one (1) car in the lot after you have unloaded your camping gear. If your campsite group is coming with more than one car, any additional cars will require a parking pass. Carpooling is highly recommended.

    Please note that camping and glamping passes are not car camping, they do not allow you to park your car next to your campsite.

  • How many people are covered by a standard tent camping pass?

    4. Each camping pass gives you access to one (1) 10'x12' footprint. You may sleep up to four (4) people in your tent, but your entire set up may not exceed 10'x12'.

    Please note that pop ups will be not allowed in your campsite, tents only.

  • Is there somewhere where we can arrange car sharing or transportation sharing with fellow attendees?

    Included with your ticket purchase is a membership to the Fit For Service App. In the app you can find the festival group to link up with and plan with other festival attendees!

  • What do we do about food?

    Food is not included in your ticket price. There will be food available for purchase through the entirety of the festival. Attendees are welcome to bring their own food to have at their campsites but please note that there may be a burn ban during this time of year in Wyoming, and campfires may not be permitted. We will provide updates in a timely fashion if that is the case.

  • Is there a rideshare drop off/pick-up area?

    There will be a drop-off/pick up area before the festival gates.

  • Will we be doing psychedelics?

    No. Psychedelic substances are illegal and Fit for Service is committed to full presence in all events. Arkadia is hosted at Melvin Brewing,and there will be alcohol for sale. Security and Arkadia Staff reserve the right to prohibit items seen as harmful, dangerous or not in the best interest of the Arkadia and its members. All persons, items and vehicles are subject to search by Security and Law Enforcement. Any illegal activities are subject to immediate removal from the festival with no refund, and any actions taken by law enforcement. We encourage all members to lean into the transformational nature of the programming free from the interference of psychoactive substances.