Rules and Safety

The 5 Rules of Arkadia

  1. Radical Expression
    • Speak and act your truth. This is the way.
  2. Radical Self-Reliance
    • Your power and magic is in direct proportion to the responsibility you take for your experience.
  3. Redeem ‘The Stranger’
    • In a culture that assumes strangers are dangerous, assuming those you meet here are kind, loving, and trustworthy, is a revolutionary act.
  4. The Regenerative Rule
    • Leave each moment and place better than you found it.
  5. Remember, It’s a Ceremony
    • From the first whisper until far after you've returned home, the medicine of the container is working on you. Your triggers, transformations, resistance, and breakthroughs are designed for you, by you, and supported by us all.

Health & Safety Guidelines

While attending ARKADIA, in the case of an emergency, please contact the nearest staff or security member for help. There are medics onsite who are fully equipped to deal with any situation or transport any attendee to the closest medical facility if needed. Upon arrival, visit the ARKADIA Welcome Center to get oriented, note the location of exits, information points, first aid areas, and water refill stations. Please cooperate with staff, security, and police. We are all here to help make sure that everyone feels safe and free to fully present for this experience. Also, as this event is held at Meow Wolf, please drink alcohol responsibly. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and electrolytes. While there will be security onsite, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.