ARKADIA FESTIVAL TICKETS ON SALE NOW area 15, nv | nov 2-5, 2023
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november 2-5, 2023 | Area15, Nevada

Rules & safety

5 rules of arkadia

Radical Expression

Speak and act your truth. This is the way.

Enthusiastic Self-Empowerment

Your power and magic is in direct proportion to the responsibility you take for your experience.

Redeem ‘The Stranger’

In a culture that assumes strangers are dangerous, assuming those you meet here are kind, loving, and trustworthy is a revolutionary act.

The Regenerative Rule

Leave each moment and place better than you found it.

Remember, It’s a Ceremony

From the first whisper until far after you've returned home, the medicine of the container is working on you. Your triggers, transformations, resistance, and breakthroughs are designed for you, by you, and supported by us all.