ARKADIA FESTIVAL TICKETS ON SALE NOW area 15, nv | nov 2-5, 2023
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november 2-5, 2023 | Area15, Nevada

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AREA15 is like a waking dream—a massive playground of art, music, and entertainment. It is the home of Omega Mart, a mind-bending art experience created by Meow Wolf.

It also offers activities from dodgeball and ax-throwing to multiple immersive AR and VR attractions. Onsite restaurants feature skyline views and craft cocktails beneath enchanting glowing trees.

While AREA15 as a whole is open to the public, ARKADIA will take place within its own private areas across three stages.

The Main Stage is our largest stage in a 25,000 sq ft outdoor venue that is transformed into a magical place of dancing, learning, and connecting. Immersive music and captivating speeches emanate from the main stage while the lounge acts as a sanctuary for connection and discovery—filled with cushions, couches, enchanting nooks and stunning art from curated vendors.

The Portal is an alternate stage at night and an intimate, early venue for our Builder and Steward pass holders. It features 360-degree projection mapped walls for a completely immersive experience, whether you are being transported to another world during an ecstatic meditation or dancing to your newest favorite artist late into the night.

The Wall is our smallest stage and will host the live podcasts and VIP Mixer open exclusively to Builder pass holders from 2pm-5pm daily. Later in the night, all passholders are welcomed into The Wall for workshops, additional musical acts, and connective space to relax and regulate with friends.

Meow WolfFollowing Friday and Saturday night headline acts, Meow Wolf will open exclusively to ARKADIA guests. In addition to the mind-bending immersive installations always available at Meow Wolf, guests will happen upon special performances, hidden activities, and dream-like magical surprises. Please check your ticket for information on your individual access to Meow Wolf. 

In addition to ARKADIA’s three stages, all pass holders will have access to flow freely throughout the Vendor Village, food truck park, and indoor spaces. 

Why Las Vegas?

Within the infamous walls of this city, a profound duality exists.

The shadows of our truest human expression have been relegated to the desert, deemed unfit for the eyes of the world. It is a place where desires and vices find refuge, yet are shrouded in secrecy and shame.

But the time has come to rewrite this narrative, to cast aside judgment and embrace our deepest desires with compassion and relentless forgiveness.

We invoke the radiant power of the Divine Feminine—weaving love, beauty, wonder, art, and connection into the very fabric of Las Vegas. As we infuse this realm with boundless love and resplendent artistry, we restore harmony and pave the way towards a more unified and balanced existence.

At ARKADIA, Shekhinah - the embodiment of Eros - takes center stage, illuminating the path towards a world reborn. As we gather in harmonious unity, we not only showcase the way forward but embody the transformation ourselves.