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Festival of a more beautiful world

July 14th - 17th dot Alpine, Wyoming

ARKADIA is a distinctive, member-only transformational festival designed to provide an opportunity to rapidly expand your consciousness, within the backdrop of radical celebration. Upon approval of your membership application, your ticket also comes complete with an exclusive, pre-festival interview series featuring some of the greatest minds of our time—re-imagining and re-creating a more beautiful world.

ARKADIA represents a return to innocence, beyond the tragedy of our separation from each other and the Earth. Nestled in the scenic mountains of Alpine, Wyoming, ARKADIA exists as a parallel reality that lives within the default world. It is less a single event or a sole location but rather, a revolution of perspective.

When we create ARKADIA together, its allurement becomes irresistible. Like gravity, it will pull the default world towards it. And this is how the re-evolution of consciousness happens—by setting a framework for safe connection, celebration of freedom, and intimate learning with people you know you can trust.

The Lineup

Arkadia 2022 Lineup

Regenerative Rule

The spirit of ARKADIA is an invitation to live The Regenerative Rule: Leave It Better Than You Found It.

Leave the path better than you found it.
Leave the conversation better than you found it.
Leave the dance floor better than you found it.
Leave the comment section better than you found it.
Leave your family better than you found it.
Leave the world better than you found it.

The Regenerative Rule is an invitation to take radical responsibility for the beauty, connection, and goodness that is the essence of ARKADIA.

What is Fit For Service?

Fit For Service is a member-only transformation platform that combines coaching with in-person experiences to help people claim their sovereignty and better serve their communities.

But this hardly scratches the surface.

For some, Fit For Service clarifies a hidden depth to their life’s purpose. For others, it is a safe container to heal. For most, it is a place where you can meet trustworthy, lifelong friends and celebrate the joy of being alive. For some, it even brought them to the birth of a new business or relationship.

It’s a celebration. It’s a ceremony. It’s a community. It’s a family. It’s terrific and can be terrifying. It’s life changing and as stated by some of our past members, life saving. Fit For Service is everything that is authentic to being human; raw, rapturous, redeeming, and revitalizing.

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