We are excited you’re here. Applications allow us to ensure the best possible experience for our entire community and our coaches. Real people wrote these words and will be reading your stories. Since we’ll be the same people hugging you at our next event, we sincerely ask, don’t give us a safe version of yourself. Be honest. Be big. Be your unique self. This is ultimately the greatest gift you can give the world.

Fit For Service is founded on the principle that to be of service, you first must become fit for service. We know of no better way to do that than through the cultivation of a community that reinforces the most heart-centered expressions of humanity.


Our dream is that anyone called to transformational community can access it and that they donate the amount that feels clean and right for the service we provide.

We ran a radical experiment for our first ever festival ARKADIA. We let everyone come for free and asked that they donate whatever felt right to them after the event. And we were met with overwhelming gratitude - members, guests, artists, and even the production and security teams said they had never experienced a festival like ARKADIA.

But because it was free, 37% of people who secured a spot did not show up, and a fraction of those who came donated after. Our current best guess is that many people assume free equates to low or no value (the no shows), and that the average person is busy navigating life and simply forget (the 75% who didn't donate at all).

For our Sedona Summit we are going to ask for an ante that is 50% of the suggested donation amount of $5,000. After completing the Summit experience, members will get the opportunity donate more than the ante or receive a full refund based on the value they received. We know that the value of our program is well over the suggested donation of $5,000, (peers in our space host events for 10k to 30k+) but want our members to have the freedom to decide the amount that feels right to them.

If you have been called to the deep work available within a community, Sedona is the event for you.