The League of Queens

Rites of Passion
with Caitlyn Howe

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November 11
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December 21
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The League of Queens

6-Week virtual immersive journey of soulful ritual & brave expression to ignite the passionate heart & reclaim aliveness

Your Invitation

2 years ago I began to learn a secret that changed my life. It is this:

There is a life designed for each of us that glows in potentiality and beckons us to claim it, every day. It is the life of our fullest aliveness, where we deeply enjoy feeling and experiencing who we are. It offers itself to us through doorways of seasons changing, moon phases, exciting opportunities, tough choices, and brave experiments. It never gives up on us, because it belongs to us by nature. And the closer we move towards ourselves, the more we step into it.

The problem is, many of us don’t tend to move closer to ourselves. Trauma, shame, disappointment and self-criticism often drive us to run from the intense sensations of being in our truest expression. In our efforts to be who we think we should be, we can spend a lifetime searching for what has always been right beneath our nose. It took nearly 10 years of soul-searching before I realized this and unlocked my passionate life. I didn't even know that my passion was missing until I felt the blissful fire of it consume me once again. And when it did, I understood how it had always been right here– encoded in my essence.

No one told me this secret. I discovered it slowly, like an archaeologist of my own heart and a detective of the divine, by beginning to follow the threads of what I loved most, and initiating a steady practice of creative ritual-making which wove them into my physical reality. And, by moving through the rites of passage that these rituals led me to.

It was not always painless, perfect, or fast. But it was always rich with amazement and beauty. Every initiatory step has led me to a surprising new miracle.

Through this commitment, I began to weave a life of my design. An original masterpiece. A passionate life. And all that really means is that I have begun to deeply, sincerely enjoy the experience of being myself.

One of the greatest regrets of human beings on their deathbeds is that they wish they had enjoyed their lives more. I want to help people enjoy the feeling of being themselves.

And I know from experience that this path works. Especially when it is done from a place of authentic creativity and devoted love.

This is what inspired me to create the League of Queens program and share my favorite, most effective ritual tools in this unique immersive event as a starting point for you to begin to rediscover yourself, enjoy yourself, and claim a life on fire. I hope to share the magic with you.



What to expect

Know Your Rites

A passionate life is not a one-and-done process. It is a way of being that seeks wholeness and truth, and savors the vivid feelings that honor this authentic expression.

No one else can give you this, because only you can realize what it means for you. Each woman’s passionate life is as unique as a snowflake.

This immersive is not a 6-week solution. But with your participation and enthusiasm, it can be a quantum leap with immediate shifts, and course-correct you toward your destiny in ways that will continue to be revealed for months and even years to come. ‘Rites of Passion’ has been designed with care as an intentional map to begin this lifelong love story with yourself.

Our first online-only League of Queens immersion corresponds with the changing seasons and the final autumn moon cycle to harvest the seeds of 2022 and prepare us for a rich winter rebirth into more aliveness.

With once-weekly connection circles and online workshops, we build in space for participants to explore the material with adaptiveness to their individual schedules, while still staying immersed in the process by maintaining a close container for the arc of the 6-week ceremony.

Each week, we will dive into one primary element of passion and explore our relationship to it, both privately with the self, and in the supportive arms of community.

There will be a “Rite of Passion” offered every week, which is our shared activation, and the symbolic threshold of our initiation into a new relationship with this aspect of self-expression.

Each week will also include a passion practice, journaling prompts, inspirational tips & tools for the respective theme, and rituals to shape in your own creative signature, as well as ample opportunity for connection, guidance, and support within our circle.

The presence and energy that you invest into this process will support how much you gain from the immediate journey, but all of the material can be absorbed at your own pace, and revisited beyond the dates of our container, again and again.


Rite to rage

Uncork the fire-potion of your fullest power and reclaim your respect for the rage that has been hushed into exile. In Week 1, we dare to unlock and unleash any anger that we have denied expression, to clear a path to deeper hidden truths and reignite the hearth of the heart.


Rite to Enjoy

Savor the sensual. Explore decadence and deservingness through pleasure in all forms. In Week 2, we embrace Enjoyment and its key codes of passionate presence through all of the senses.

Amplify your intention through ritual in the generous power of the new moon.


Rite to Surrender

Lay down the armor, unclench your fists, and let the tears come. Soften. Open more. In Week 3 we will explore the deeper waters of grief, sorrow, and release, cooling the furious fires that protect them.


Rite to Express

Make a statement. Pronounce your sacred truth. Give life to your authentic expression. Week 4 is all about creativity as multi-dimensional voice. Together, we will write, sing, and make the imminent art our soul longs to speak out, amplified by ritual with the full moon.


Rite to Desire

Desire is the great substrate of all of creation, exiled by shame. Week 5 explores our relationship to wanting, attraction, self-worth, and abundance. Reconnected with our bravest truth in present-time, we will practice answering the most essential question: “What do I really want?”


Rite to Celebrate

Open your heart, let your true colors shine, and be the first person to applaud yourself. How does it feel? Our final rite is all about celebrating the self, exactly as she is. Find your edge - the one where you play small - and dance right past it into freedom.

Anchor the journey with gratitude through a Winter Solstice closing ritual.

Waitlist For Future
  • *Do you ever feel a sense of longing for some lost part of yourself?
  • *Does your inner light often feel dim?
  • *Do you crave the fiery power to claim your heart’s greatest desires?
  • *Do you want to welcome life itself into your heart as your beloved?
  • *Are you curious how you can turn “self help” into a playful art?
  • *Are you craving new connections that support your expansion?
  • *Do you simply want to fall more in love with the experience of being you?
  • *Are you interested to learn more about the power of ritual?

If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, or, if you just want to have fun experimenting with what passion looks and feels like in your life, this offering is for you.

Prepare to Receive

The Offering

What does this include?

  • Access to your private ‘League of Queens’ group in the FFS App for content-sharing, intimate connection and community-building, as desired.
  • 6 ‘Rites of passion’ customizable activations designed to reignite your passion, including ecstatic dance, breathwork, art-making, radical acts of expression, and more.
  • 6 weekly workshop calls, every Tuesday via Zoom, to explore the weekly theme and expand through live Q&A (Recorded for playback)
  • 1 altar building workshop to open the ceremony of our journey
  • 6 private rituals: 2 Guided Moon Rituals to amplify your intentions, 1 Winter Solstice Ritual Template to self-design and seal your practices, and 3 More Lovingly-Curated Rituals to weave the rites together
  • “passion practices” to deepen intimacy with your self
  • “Deepening work” journal prompts offered with each week’s content, designed to support your evolution throughout our journey
  • Written Content Overviews & Pearls of Inspiration
  • Poetry, Song, Meditation, Dance, Altar Work, & More
  • Optional Accountability Groups & Optional Integration Call
  • A support system of like-minded sisterhood

When do we come together?

This immersive takes place online-only from 11/11/22 - 12/21/22.

The circle will open softly on November 11th with introductions via our private group in the Fit For Service App, and an altar-setting practice to begin the ceremony of our journey.

The first live workshop call together will take place on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022.
The last live workshop will be on Tuesday, December 20th, to complete the circle.

The final ritual of our container will commence on Wednesday, December 21st, for the Winter Solstice, self-curated by each individual as a creative rite of passion.

The majority of our live connection time will take place in the weekly Zoom call each Tuesday, while supplementary rituals and prompts for deepening practices will be self-directed during free time each week.

What Is My Energetic Exchange?

Note: Fit For Service is now a donation-based coaching program with an “Ante” pricing model. Please read our FAQ for more details.

Current standard pricing for comparable online programs to this immersive range from $2000-$3000. We are offering this program at two donation tiers, to choose according to your budget.

Full Trust Donation:
$1221 for 6-week Online Immersive Program & All Included Materials

“I feel the call in my soul to do precisely this work and I trust it. I trust myself to get the most out of this commitment. I abide by sacred reciprocity, knowing that I will receive as much or more than I give in ways unimaginable, and I want to contribute an upfront donation to the FFS team who have prepared this offering.”

Experimental Ante Donation:
$888 for 6-week Online Immersive Program & All Included Materials

“I feel the call in my soul to explore this work and I am excited to take the first step of entering the threshold. I am curious for what I will receive, and feel most comfortable donating the ante until I experience the value personally. I trust that I will be guided forward in the best ways that I can continue to invest in this commitment.”

Self-Paced Payment Plan: $444 Donation Deposit paid now, remaining balance due by Nov 1st.

Meet your instructor

Caitlyn Howe

Caitlyn is one of the founding coaches of Fit For Service, a passionate poet and writer, and a certified practitioner of various transformational healing modalities such as breathwork, meditation, and kundalini yoga. Her passion and scope of service includes: sacred ritual, altar work, archetype activation, shadow integration, and the cultivation of authentic embodiment through ecstatic dance and radical personal expression.

With a dynamic history of life experience, Caitlyn has been a student of the plants for a decade, devoted to self-healing through years of mentorship in various paths of study, resulting in a rich medicine bag of tools which she whole-heartedly weaves into all of her offerings. Her mission is supporting others in overcoming shame, finding expansive community, and reclaiming a sense of individual wholeness for greater collective harmony.

Find her on Instagram @thepoetqueen