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Core 2 Sedona Summit

Bringing light to the shadow

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Sedona, AZ

September 19th

Digital Curriculum

October 19-23

In-Person Summit

Lifetime Access

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Sedona, Arizona

If you’ve been to Sedona, you know it is a mystical and magical place. The Summit is hosted on private property, with Bear Mountain as our backdrop, and is surrounded by rich desert nature, amidst an energetic vortex.

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October 19 - 23

The Core Program is a 9 week transformational container, with 4 weeks of mentorship before the in-person Summit and 4 more weeks after for integration, support, and community engagement.

Bringing light to the shadow

When we look inside ourselves, it isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. That’s just not how it works. There is a polarity to everything, and the journey to healing – both ourselves and the world, starts with bringing the light of awareness to our shadow.

What pain and trauma are we holding on to, that we might not be able to see?
What anger has been repressed, that needs an outlet to express?
What are the desires that we have been taught to guilt and shame?

In order to answer and bring these shadows to light, we are calling on our team of exceptional coaches and the best facilitators in the world:

The final summit in Sedona has always been the crown jewel of experiences in Fit For Service

Since switching to the donation model, spaces are going to fill up, so if you are interested in applying, click here.

The New Donation Model

Our ultimate goal is that any person with an accepted application will be able to join our events at a self-determined financial donation. For our last event, the festival Arkadia, we learned a great deal and are applying those lessons to a model that can work for everyone. Despite the unimaginably positive reviews of the event, we had about 37% of registered guests no-show to the event, and only a fraction of the guests opt to make any donation at all. To create a solution that will sustain Fit For Service into the future, we are deploying what we are calling the “ante” model for this Core 2 summit in Sedona. The “ante” is a fully refundable gift that represents 50% of the recommended donation, and will be necessary to secure a spot at our summit. Of course, for anyone who attends the events and is unsatisfied, we will return the gift without questions.

We believe that this model will positively impact the spirit of all events and the entirety of modern society, by exemplifying the principles of reciprocity that we believe is possible in a more beautiful world.

We dream of Fit For Service being a pathway to a more beautiful world and trust we will be fully supported in bringing this into reality. Through community and collaboration, we have a chance to show that this model exemplifies the fundamental essence of being Fit For Service.

8-week Live Lecture Series

'Intro to the Game of Life'

For the first time, one of our lead coaches, Erick Godsey, will be offering an 8-week long, college curriculum styled live lecture series covering everything he has learned in psychology and philosophy that can help us navigate the most rapidly transforming period in history.

Because this offering is digital, it will be included in your Sedona ante, and it is also available to anyone who can’t make Sedona but wants to join the class. Donate any amount that feels right to you, and you will get access to all the lectures, along with access to our Fit For Service app.

Below is an overview of the curriculum:

Week 1
Introduction and Overview
Week 2
Welcome to your nervous system:
Cultivating your axis mundi
Week 3
World Building Part 1:
Existential Crisis for Beginners
Week 4
World Building Part 2:
Navigating Reality Tunnels
Week 5
The Games People Play:
Finite and Infinite Games
Week 6
Regenerative Communication:
Navigating Worlds Warring
Week 7
My Favorite Game:
Your Daimon and Your Dharma
Week 8
Regenerative Psychology:
Becoming an Infinite Player

Each week will be a 90-120 minute lecture with Q&A at the end.

Erick’s dream is to share this in the spirit of collaboration, and your questions, feedback, and criticism will help hone this material into something he will one day share with his future children when they are ready to start home-schooling.

Your core membership includes:

4 Week Prep

Pre-summit Mentorship

Each week Members will receive a Zoom masterclass from one of the coaches. We listen to what is most alive in each Core and create masterclasses from that listening for our Members.

In these live & recorded Zoom gatherings, you will learn how to become fit to create a more beautiful world and serve alongside peers that are likely to become your lifelong friends.

Sedona, Arizona | October 19th - 23nd

5 transformational days in person

Collaborating with world-renown speakers, facilitators, and musicians, these 5 days are known to be filled with life-changing connections and deep healing.

Surrounded by a stunning panoramic view of Bear Mountain, participants are invited and guided in exploring the vibrant desert land as well as the landscapes within...

4 Weeks Post-event

integration focused on community-building

Understanding the importance of post-event integration, after the Sedona Summit, we will be offering key guidance and active engagement to follow-up with and support Members post-event.

These calls will be hosted AMA format and smaller groups, based on geographic location, are welcomed and encouraged to stay connected in the FFS Mobile App.

8 weeks of Live Lectures

‘Intro to The Game of Life’ with Erick Godsey

Life is complex and did not come with a User Manual. Autodidact and Jungian Meme Collector Erick Godsey shares his best tools and models for playing the game of life passionately, adaptively, and beautifully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Airports

    The nearest large airport is Phoenix, AZ (PHX). It is a two hour drive to Sedona.

    Sedona does have a small regional airport (KSEZ) with limited commercial flights.

    If you are flying out of Phoenix, please allow a minimum of 5 hours to return or spend one evening in Phoenix before departing; the highway home is mountainous and a single incident can cause long delays.

  • Transportation

    We recommend renting or sharing a rental car; the Sedona property is 20 mins down a dirt road. (Low clearance vehicles not recommended - sedans are OK, skip the fiats and lambos)

    There are commercial shared shuttle services to Sedona from PHX.

  • Arrival + Departure

    Activites begin midday on Wednesday, Oct 19th and end in the late afternoon on Sunday, Oct 23rd. Please allow 2+hours to travel from Phoenix to Sedona, and an additional 30 minutes of dirt road driving to arrive at the property. For departure, we highly recommend leaving no sooner than Monday morning if at all possible; the highway back to Phoenix is narrow and a single traffic accident or forest fire can cause traffic delays of 2-3 hours.

    We strongly encourage carpooling with other members, which you can coordinate via our private group within the app.

  • Hotels / Lodging

    Our property is on the western side of Sedona, and the address will only be released to confirmed attendees near to the summit dates. It is accessible via dirt roads north of 89A between Local Juicery to the east, and the intersection of 89A and Loy Butte Road to the west. When booking hotels or Airbnbs, consider staying west of downtown Sedona along route 89A, or in Cottonwood or Cornville. You will be able to coordinate shared housing and transportation upon acceptance within the Sedona Summit’s private group within the Fit for Service app.

    There are free campsites (without facilities) available on Forest Roads in West Sedona on a first come, first serve basis and FFS has a tradition of communal, member organized RV and tent camping.

  • Other Activities and Information

    All attendees will receive a full packing list, other activities and greater details upon approval and closer to the date of the retreat.