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Upgrade your human experience with cosmic truths

Spiritually Fit 2024

Upgrade your human experience with cosmic truths

Led by Aubrey, Vylana, Caitlyn, Erick and Kyle

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Embark on a 9-week online journey to transform your body & life

Connect deeply to the guidance of your intuition and universal wisdom. Dive into principles of truth, deception, desire and purpose to craft a steadfast path through your life's journey and purpose.

Meet your coaches

The five of us never set out on a mission to become coaches. We started our own journeys as best friends and individual seekers, gathering as a tribe regularly to study with master plant teachers, wisdom traditions, lineage carriers of our time, and began to unlock the mysteries together as we sat side by side through initiatory rites of passage. Over many years of spiritual exploration and hard-earned lessons in the ceremony of life, the mission called us forward, together.

We saw a world of outrageous beauty and outrageous pain, and felt a fire in our hearts to be of service.. This fire was the genesis of Fit For Service five years ago. With sacred audacity we set out to build this program and have worked side by side with decades of experience between us, to help thousands of people step into their dharma and discover their sense of spiritual connection. In doing so, we refined our own unique gifts of magic and spiritual tools to become a tribe of ceremonialists who help others walk the path of initiation, unlike any other team of guides you will find. We want to help you unlock your own unique gifts as we continue to explore the evolutionary edge of consciousness… for the good of all.

– Aubrey, Vylana, Erick, Caitlyn & Kyle

What To Expect

What is it?

In Spiritually Fit, you will discover and remember your own personal relationship to the Divine, and how to combat the dark forces we call “Anti-You” that seek to sabotage your life.  Over 13 weeks and 9 chapters of deep inner exploration, we will help you discover and evolve your relationship with Spirit without the trappings of new age spirituality.

Who is it not for?

This is not for people with a dogmatic view about God. It’s also not for atheists, or anyone who thinks they know everything about the Mystery. This is not for people unwilling to look at the blinding light of evil and the dark forces that impact us individually and collectively. If you don’t have courage and an open mind, this course is not for you.

Who is it for?

Spiritually Fit is for those who are looking to to know God, wield magic, and compete with darkness. This is a course for spiritual warriors. You will learn how to notice and read the signs of the universe around you, how to compete with “Anti-You”, and unleash the fullest expression of yourself.  If you are someone that is looking for greater purpose, meaning, and aliveness in your life, this course is for you.

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Syllabus Chapters

  • Map The Mystery, Both The Dark and the Light

  • Learn The Bridges To Connect With God

  • Discover Why Your Medicine Matters To The World

  • Clarify Your Will and Intent To Get What You Truly Desire

  • Learn How To Listen and Read The Signs

  • Trust Yourself With Accumulating Power

  • Compete With Anti-You

  • Resist Counterfeit Pleasures and False Idols

  • Unleash The Full Power of Your Magic

Flexible enrollment

Pick the plan that’s right for you

Our online only option is $1,500 offers 9 weeks of content, connection with others in the course, and “break weeks” for you to catch up or dive deeper into specific topics. When you upgrade to course + summit, you cement your learning and relationships when you attend our 5 day retreat at the end of your session. Summits are $3500 a la carte, save $1000 when you enroll in both.

Online Course

    • Course Dates: July 9–September 18
    • Classes: Tuesdays 1:30PM CST
    • Study Hall: Fridays 11AM CST
  • 9 weeks of online coaching
  • 2 sessions/week
  • Educational resources
  • Community connections
  • FFS App access for duration of course

*No classes on July 30, August 27, and September 3

Online Course + Summit

    • Summit Date: September 22–26 | Sedona, AZ
  • 12 weeks of online coaching
  • 2 sessions/week
  • Educational resources
  • Community connections
  • Lifetime FFS App access
  • 5 day immersive Sedona Summit

*No classes on August 27

"Spiritually fit has been so valuable for me to engage in needed discussions and explorations to help me continue to define and practice my unique spiritual practice, which has been quite challenging after spending two decades as an Atheist before opening up to a wide range of spiritual healing/practices. I love the balance of being challenged to reconsider topics/practices that were formerly a bit overwhelming for my inner skeptic and to be invited to reframe my relationship to these ideas/practices and still listen to my inner wisdom and the feedback from life."

- Mark Cunningham

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