A Life-Changing Adventure in the Heart of the Red Rocks

September 22nd-26th, 2024

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The Pinnacle of Fit for Service Summits

The beauty of the red rocks of Sedona is a catalyzing landscape for rebirth and new directions. Dive deep into life's purpose and your place in time.

  • Life-changing workshops

  • Breathtaking venues

  • Lifelong friends

"Thank you for changing my life. I am learning how to dream bigger, dive deeper and love more completely. This is only the beginning and I am so grateful for the transformation, the support and the opportunity to become more fit to serve this more beautiful world."

- Natalie Spagnolo


Transformational experiences

  • Spirit Quest

  • Guided Breathwork

  • Ecstatic Dance

What’s included

  • Coach & Guest Workshops

  • Musical Performances

  • Select Community Meals

  • Pre & Post Summit Connection

Sample Schedule

Every summit is a unique experience. The timing of all workshops, music, and meals may differ. This is an example.

  • Day 1

    • Arrival

    • Play & Movement

    • Opening Ceremony & Workshop

  • Day 2

    • Workshop/Small Groups

    • Group Lunch

    • Workshop/Large Group

    • Musical Performance

  • Day 3

    • Spirit Quest

    • Snacks provided

    • Small Groups Integration

    • Group Dinner

    • Ecstatic Dance

  • Day 4

    • Breathwork Day

    • Dinner on your own

    • Integration/Evening Hangout

  • Day 5

    • Workshop

    • Brunch

    • Closing Ceremony

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Academy Add-on

Would you like to deepen your experience and connection? Summit participants are invited to add-on any of our six available Academy Courses for only $500 more (a savings of $1000)

  • Physically Fit

    Physically Fit

    Discover the secrets of resilience, strength, and purposeful living. Learn about essential supplements, optimal sleep habits, genetics, diet, and movement practices.

  • Mentally Fit

    Mentally Fit

    Learn from rich traditions like Buddhism and Cognitive Science. Decode dreams, communication, and harness technology for empowerment. Uncover the power of your mind’s innate creativity to shape your desired life.

  • Emotionally Fit

    Emotionally Fit

    Fearlessly rediscover the depth of your emotional world. Through creative, playful and devotional practices, learn to embrace challenges with courage and radical love.Release shame and infuse your life with energy and joy.

  • Spiritually Fit

    Spiritually Fit

    Connect deeply to the guidance of your intuition and universal wisdom. Dive into principles of truth, deception, desire and purpose to craft a steadfast path through your life's journey and purpose.

  • Romantically Fit

    Romantically Fit

    Immerse yourself into the realms of intimacy. Learn insights and practices at the forefront of relationship dynamics, and from sources such as Tantra, Kink, and other modern and ancient traditions. Single or in relationship, all are welcome.

  • Financially Fit

    Financially Fit

    With a focus on entrepreneurship fundamentals, learn essential business frameworks and put them into practice. Define your customer, refine your offering, and craft a resilient business model tailored to your vision and growth.

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