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Remember Women

Remember Your Selves

“This is our meditation practice as women, calling back the dead and dismembered aspects of ourselves.”

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Lockhart, TX
Online Coaching Starts
Online Coaching Starts
Fall 2022
In-Person Summit
Fall 2022
In-Person Summit
Lifetime Access
to the FFS App and Community
Lifetime Access
to the FFS App and Community

The Invitation


If we look closely, we will see the Dismembered Woman everywhere. History and myth have carried her stories to us along the roots of time immemorial: The rational head severed from the intuitive heart. The bound wrists and castigation of fire for her earthly magic. The exile of her wild expression as she was groomed into domestication.

From the unmarked graves of the wild woman, the “good girl” was born and bred, by a fearful paradigm of shame and “shoulds”.

In the red cord of connection to our weblike lineage of ancestors, and the rich, ruddy soil of our Earthly origins, the memory of who we have forgotten we are still pulses with inextinguishable life.

In your softest moments of stillness, you may feel her in you; haunting your heart as an unnamable ache. She is asking for your help. She wants to come home.

She has a thousand faces. In every form you may find her, she is the castaway heiress to a throne seat in our hearts.

How many distant voices do you feel within you, asking for redemption?

Grant it to those lost parts of you, here. Become one with yourself.

The League of Queens is a safe and sacred space to retrieve and exalt every part of you that you have exiled from her royalty through shame or judgment. Every expression of the feminine has a holy nature. It is your birthright to remember this, and reclaim all of the parts of you that make the woman you are a true queen of your life.

I want to help you. Because, what we do for ourselves, we do for all women. And this world needs its women to remember the fullness of their power.

Join me on this journey to bring home all of the queens within you that were exiled in the old, expired stories.

Let’s write new stories. True stories that change the lives of every woman who rises from the rich, ruddy soil of our unforgettable bones.

Love, Caitlyn

Program Flow

The Treasure Map


The League of Queens is a sacred circle and immersive experience, gathering online as well as in person, for a 3-day retreat.

Before we can bloom fully, we must plant the seeds.

Before we can reclaim our wholeness, we must find the missing pieces.

Our online connection circle and weekly calls will do both.

The calls and exercises we will share over the weeks of our Online Programming are designed to help you begin the sweet, sacred adventure of searching for the parts of your soul (your many interior Queens) you have disconnected from, while nourishing the new seeds you find along the way, so that when we gather in community, you have the best conditions possible to rise as the goddess that you are into the garden of your life.

Swimming in the water

Remember Your Truth

Truth is our identity. We leave nothing unsaid. Week 1 will guide us into the underwater depths of our silenced truth and muddy emotions, to excavate the treasure we have buried with them. Through sharing, introspection, and art as medicine, we will begin to find the words we need to speak.

Swimming in the water

Remember Your Wild

We are daughters of Gaia, and our bodies yearn for reunion with the mother within us and all around us. Week 2 will honor the Sacred Body as Earth, with all of its forgotten superpowers, through embodied movement, self love, and the revival of our subtle senses.

Swimming in the water

Remember Your Power

We are sacred flame keepers. Week 3 stokes the fire in the hearth of our center. We will begin to reignite the fullness of our personal power through somatic expression, sound, and storytelling.

Swimming in the water

Remember Your Sacred

We are beings of divine radiance. Week 4 honors Spirit as life force energy. We will begin to explore our own unseen realms of breath, belief, and vibration, to reclaim the vitality that brings us back from the half-dead life.

Swimming in the water

Remember Your Soul

There was a prayer placed in your heart as a glowing ember when your soul took body. Whatever you have done, or not yet done, your soul still lovingly holds an inextinguishable torch of possibility, waiting to ignite the great prayer of your life, and guide you to deep fulfillment. In Week 5, we will integrate our experience through reunion with the soul.

League of Queens: Remember Your Selves is a journey to manifest the great prayer of your existence, and welcome the multi-dimensional soul back home into the sacred body, empowered and aligned to your highest expression.

Our Immersive Retreat

The Big Magic


There is a great transformative magic that happens when we come together, in our vulnerable flesh, and pray through embodied experience.

At the midpoint of our journey, we will gather on sacred farmland just outside of Austin, TX to manifest our intentions and activate the seeds we have planted together as a living gnosis, through playful ritual, deep devotion, and the affirmative power of loving connection.

Be seen, be known, be remembered, in sisterhood.

Here is an overview of the experiences awaiting at our immersive retreat:

  • Sacred Space Altar Building
  • Sensual Superpower Activations
  • Embodied Movement
  • Inner Journey Work to Connect with Psyche
  • Myth-Weaving & Story Work
  • Intimate, Soul-to-Soul Connection
  • Ecstatic Dance with Caitlyn
  • Full-Send Radical Expression
  • Somatic Release
  • Sound & Song
  • “The Unsaid Red” Poetry Workshop with Caitlyn
  • Rituals with the Elements on the Land
  • Surprises TBA

What You'll Receive

The Medicine Bag


What Does This Include?

1:1 Connection Call with Caitlyn

3-day Immersive Retreat including ecstatic dance, rituals with the natural elements, altar-building, breathwork, sound, and much more.

Online Connection & Workshops: including 6 live group calls with Caitlyn via Zoom to cultivate the coherence of our sacred circle

“Deepening Practice” offered with each week’s content, designed to support you in the realizations and growth you receive throughout our journey

1 Lovingly Curated Ritual per week

Weekly Journal Prompts & Pearls of Inspiration

Optional Accountability Groups

Post-Retreat Integration Support

New Friendships & An Experience of Radical Support in Sisterhood

When do we come together?

Online Connection, Content & Workshops open with our first circle via Zoom

In-Person Immersive Retreat: Fall 2022 in Lockhart, TX, just outside of Austin.

Bonus Workshop for Early Registration: Full Flower Moon Ritual


Energetic exchange for the full 5 week Program:


Have More Questions?

Check Out The FAQ Below


Remember the story you came here to write

Remember the parts of your body have been severed from your love

Remember the sacred wisdom of your soul

Remember the community of sisters that have been waiting to know you


Meet Your Instructor

Caitlyn Howe

Caitlyn Howe

Caitlyn is one of the founding coaches of Fit For Service, a poet and devoted writer, and a certified facilitator for transformational healing modalities such as breathwork, meditation, kundalini yoga. Her greatest passions in service include: guiding sacred ritual, shadow work, and divine feminine healing, and supporting radical expression through authentic embodiment and ecstatic dance. Always with a “spiritual big sister” energy that forms a lasting bond of love with everyone she works with.

With a dynamic history of tested life experience, Caitlyn has risen from the underworld of her own darkness to a path of purpose, through many years and quests of mentorship, self-healing practices, and plant medicine journeys. She is now committed to supporting others in overcoming shame, finding community, and reclaiming a sense of individual wholeness for greater collective harmony.

Find her on Instagram @thepoetqueen

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mysteries

  • 01Are there any requirements for me to register?

    FIt for Service has a universal application for all programs. As a transformational coaching and events program, we want to ensure that everyone is a great fit. There are other programs for people who simply want to party or vacation, and we also are not professional mental health providers. The application is to ensure that all participants are within our scope of practice and are willing and interested in the deep work we do; we co-create each experience and it is important that our members are all in alignment with their intentions and expectations. In order to register for the Immersive, we must have a completed and approved application on file. If you have applied for any program before, and received an approval, you should be able to register. If you have not, please fill out the application through the link below and look for your next steps!

  • 02What arrangements will I need to personally make for my in-person retreat experience?

    Lodging and airfare are not included, and there is no on-property accommodation. From our private group, you’ll be able to coordinate lodging with other participants. Please plan ahead to stay at a hotel, AirBnB (or find a friend to stay with!) in Lockhart or Austin. We highly recommend coordinating with fellow attendees to bunk together and deepen the relationships you will create throughout the journey. You will need access to your own car or a shared vehicle; Ubers are readily available in Austin but are unreliable in Lockhart. If you are coming from out of town, we encourage you to stay in Lockhart so that you can spend your time resting and integrating. It is 40+ minutes to Austin and our most common feedback is that people wish they had stayed closer to the event so they can rest and connect at the end of the day rather than drive.

    We will provide refreshments, midday meals, and one dinner. Please plan your own meals in the free time outside of our itinerary.

  • 03Will I lose any value if I cannot attend all of the Zoom calls?

    The Zoom calls will be a great opportunity to presence to the material, and build relationships with Caitlyn and your circle of sisters. However, not everyone will be able to attend every call time, so these calls will be recorded and shared after they are held for you to watch and absorb in your own time, so value will not be lost. Caitlyn will also provide call recaps and “Deepening Practices” to help anchor the material that is presented through personal practice.

  • 04How much time is required to commit to this program?

    It is recommended that you set aside at least 2-4 hours per week to absorb and practice with the Online Content, and that you plan to attend all 3 full days of the in-person retreat.

    There is no requirement to participate in any particular level of time commitment to this FFS Immersive. As with all of our FFS offerings, the amount of time you are able to give to the calls, exercises, and reflection on the content, will directly support the quality of your experience. It is also true that the in-person experience alone can have a life-changing impact.

  • 05I cannot afford the investment price. Should I still apply?

    Space is limited to 30 women maximum. Priority will be given on a first-come, first served basis for approved applicants who are ready to register. If you are a “Hell Yes” but are still organizing finances or confirming timing, please still apply and share your interest, and we can add you to the Wait List for future programming.