Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What if I only want to come to the Summit or other in-person event?
    Then come! The price will stay the same, given the value of the experiences, but we’d strongly recommend you at least keep your awareness on the coaching portion so you can feel the unfolding story of your cohort.
  • What if I can’t attend the Summit or other in-person event?
    We do not offer a discount for membership if you cannot attend a gathering. The online content alone can change your life, we know that, and if you are proactive, you will likely meet life-long friends. The Summits have a magic that is beyond articulation, so we highly encourage members to connect in-person whenever possible. Our online platform, the Fit For Service App, is a great place to dip your toes into the community and vision of our offerings.
  • What is the recommended time commitment?
    The more you give to your program, the more you will receive. At a minimum, we suggest roughly 5 hours a week for challenges, live chats, master classes and coaching calls. (Specific offerings vary per program.) During in-person events, be prepared to come and fully immerse yourself. This experience is your sandbox, you can do the bare minimum and chill on the side, or you can jump in the fray and saturate yourself with the love, connection, and opportunity this community will provide. Expect that Summit activities will be phone-free.
  • What do I get?
    Each program will have their unique offerings that you can find on the program landing pages. Overall, your tuition pays for the following:
    • Your virtual coaching program & experience
    • Your event - including all guest coaches, speakers, musicians and activities
    • Free access to the Fit For Service app for a full year from the start of your program
  • What is the Financial Commitment?
    CORE PROGRAM: The minimum commitment is for one retreat and the related coaching program. You do not have to be in for the entire year! Many people have joined for a single experience and benefitted deeply from the commitment, the Summit, and the community. Our Core programs are multi-thousand dollar experiences. We offer a reduced price to people who can commit fully upfront, as it greatly reduces our workload, or you can choose a payment-plan.

    IMMERSIVE PROGRAM: Each Immersive has its own pricing model. You may pay in full up front or split payment, with 50% due to hold your place and 50% due prior to the start of the event.
  • What if I can’t afford this, but really feel I’m meant to be a part of it?

    We appreciate the hundreds of people we know will hear the call and feel they are meant for this. We don’t want you to put yourself at financial risk to join, so below are the three resources we’d recommend you look into until your financial situation is ready for this investment.

    1. Join us on the Fit For Service App
      Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    2. Study and live Own The Day, Own Your Life
      Aubrey put his heart, blood, and soul into this book. It has many of the fundamental practices we use everyday. This is the blueprint to begin upgrading your mind, body, and spirit.
    3. Start a local Fellowship
      Everything we talk about on the podcast, write about on the blog, and share on Instagram are tools given freely for the good of all. Get together with friends once a week and discuss these ideas. Help each other, inspire each other, and watch as your life begins to shift.
  • What are the terms of service?

    Basically, be a good person. If you show up, contribute, and do the work, you will always have a place here. We reserve the right to remove you without refund if you begin to infringe on the safety, health, or freedom of other members, or interfere with the ability of the coaches to do their best work.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    If you are dissatisfied with your experience or if your financial situation changes, you are always welcome to opt-out. However, there are a few stipulations.

    If you are part of an Immersive experience with limited spots, there is no refund. These programs sell out, and you will be taking a spot from a waitlisted individual. If you test positive for COVID or have been exposed, our NO FOMO policy will give you a credit of 50% of your purchase to apply to a program of your choice within one calendar year.

    If you are part of our Core program, you may transfer your credit at no extra cost to any program within one calendar year if you test positive for COVID or have known exposure.

  • Do you offer a couples discount?

    No, we don’t offer couples or group rates.

  • May I bring my partner to the event or a portion of it?

    Only current members are allowed to attend any and all portions of the event and Summit. The container that we create in order to be able to do deep, intense work is closed to anyone who is not fully participating. In addition, we are unable to accommodate the very large volume of requests we receive for special consideration.

  • May I bring my photographer / assistant / videographer / professional equipment?

    No. We have professional photographers and videographers on staff. The experiences are meant for you to let go of distractions and go deep into your own personal work. For all retreats, we ask for your silence on social media to protect the privacy of our community, our staff, and our event locations. Professional equipment is not allowed, and all those present must be paying members for the experience. It is time to set down your work brain and busy-ness, and go deep within. If this makes you deeply uncomfortable - good!

  • Is there plant medicine at these retreats?

    No. All of our experiences are “endogenous” - we are sharing practices that create transformational experiences from within our own body. Our members commit to no psychedelic use during retreats, and we do not serve alcohol.

  • Are you trained mental health professionals?

    No. We offer coaching and a trauma-informed community container. We do not provide professional mental health services, and our applications screen to ensure that we remain within scope. We welcome a broad range of individuals, but we are not nor do we claim to be a substitute for professional resources.

  • What other expenses are there?

    Airfare + Transportation, Lodging (unless otherwise specified), COVID Test.

  • Do I have to be physically fit to join Fit For Service?

    We embrace all bodies and body types, even if our coaches are universally ripped. Fit For Service is focused on the goal of becoming more physically fit as part of taking care of yourself so you can be of service to your dharma. If you have specific disabilities that require extra consideration, please contact us to ensure that you’ll be able to fully participate in the experience and/or are happy with the accommodation we are able to offer. For some Core Summits held in remote or rural locations, we may not be able to accommodate assistive devices and we recommend looking for an Immersive. Most Core programs will require basic fitness for participation - ex. the ability to walk, jog or run and lift up to 50lbs. We have made accommodations for injury and pre-existing conditions, however please confirm this in advance of your participation.

  • Do you have a scholarship or work exchange program?

    We do not offer work exchange or work-for-scholarship at this time. We strive to be as clean as possible in all contracts and exchanges, and in our experience, it is far better to pay individuals for their effort.

    Instead of a scholarship program, we have cultivated multiple tiers of offerings for a variety of finances. If you are truly called to these experiences, begin with the Fit For Service app; there you will find multiple opportunities to connect with the community and shine.

  • I’m a reporter / accomplished professional / influencer; can I come for free in exchange for media coverage / advertising / art?

    No. Every individual who joins one of our programs is committed to the experience and all have paid the full price. It is essential to the experience that everyone within the community has made this significant investment as a commitment to the work and their own experience.

    We are well-resourced and our reputation comes from those who have invested their time and money in the experience. Our program’s reputation stands on the referrals and experiences of our customers; we do not exchange promotion for membership.

  • Can I come to one day of a retreat to try it out before purchasing?

    No. Just as you cannot try one bite of a steak at a restaurant, we do not have any “visitation” experiences. We offer a wide variety of in-person course offerings, including both longer Core programs and shorter Immersive retreats.

  • I want to speak to a coach prior to this to decide if I want to join. How do I get on a call?

    We do not offer calls with coaches or staff unless your question is explicitly not answered in our FAQ. This is not a 1:1 coaching relationship, it is a group experience led by coaches. One of the core values of this community is self-reliance and radical responsibility. We have multiple podcasts episodes out, each coach has an extensive social media presence including website articles and online courses, and there are hundreds of unsolicited endorsements and member stories via our Instagram.

  • Am I too old/young for Fit For Service?

    Fit For Service is ageless. Our ages range from the mid-twenties to middle sixties. We have had retirees and college students. Our community is very diverse, and the experiences and insights of members with more life experience is welcomed and honored.

    Our experiences are drug and alcohol free, but we cannot accommodate minors in our general programming due to the intense nature of our practices. We may, in the future, have family-oriented programming that specifically allows for family units to attend.

  • Is this a cult?

    Simply and shortly, no. We put on events and do coaching, period.

    Once approved, members of Fit For Service can sign up for any of our retreats or coaching offerings. Retreats have music, meditation, dancing, breathwork, journeys on the land, and coaching. We have an explicit rule of no psychedelic use or alcohol consumption during our events. We also deeply encourage people to refrain from starting new romantic relationships or making major life changes during and immediately after our events to allow space for integration.

    In the time in between the gatherings we stay in touch and do online coaching via our web platform and app.

    If we are a cult, then every music festival and coaching seminar is also a cult. But we aren't. We don’t want people to stay, we don’t want them to “be” anything other than their most authentic unique expression of self.

    We want everyone who joins to come, transform, and leave stronger, more resilient, more certain, and more loved than when they arrived.

  • Are airfare, meals and lodging included?

    No. You will have some meals as outlined in the event description, but unless otherwise specified, Airfare + Transportation, Lodging are your responsibility. Please also budget for a COVID Test.