We are excited you’re here. Full Temple Reset returns in its third round, available only in January this year.

Applications allow us to ensure the best possible experience for our entire community and our coaches. Real people wrote these words and will be reading your stories. Since we’ll be the same people hugging you at our next event, we sincerely ask, don’t give us a safe version of yourself. Be honest. Be big. Be your unique self. This is ultimately the greatest gift you can give the world.

Fit For Service is founded on the principle that to be of service, you first must become fit for service. We know of no better way to do that than through the cultivation of a community that reinforces the most heart-centered expressions of humanity.


Our dream is that anyone called to transformational community can access it and that they donate the amount that feels clean and right for the service we provide. To meet that dream, we have a broad range of offerings; from events and immersives to our app, which will be available at any donation amount.

In order for us to continue to survive as a business, we are asking participants to meet us in our investment of time and energy by putting forth an “ante” as part of a commitment to reciprocity in our events.

For Full Temple Reset, we are asking for you to choose between two ante type. The minimum ante of $3000 signifies a commitment to your own experience and to honor this experiment. We also have an ante of $4,000 for those who are in full trust, and desire to meet us equally in our energetic commitments towards creating this for you.