Aubrey and Vylana Present

From Solo to Sacred Union

The future of relationships.

Aubrey and Vylana Present

From Solo to Sacred Union

The future of relationships.

Be the first to know when solo to sacred union opens for registration

Be the first to know when solo to sacred union opens for registration

Place yourself on the track to extraordinary, paradigm-shifting romantic union.

All of life is a journey, where there is but one destination. Mastery is placing yourself on a track that gives you the best chance to achieve your wildest goals, and enjoying every single footstep on the path.

This is what this course will do. Whether you are in partnership or not, the purpose is not only to get you to a place of extraordinary love, but to give you the confidence and invitation to live your own evolutionary chapter ecstatically.

We all intuitively know that having the right partnership(s) changes everything, and as much as we would like to believe that our next and best relationship will happen through divine intervention, the Universe needs our participation.

That starts with knowing who you are, and how to fully step into your own worth, love, and personal power.

Then cultivating a deeper understanding of the tension and structure that makes an extraordinary love possible.

And finally giving you the tools and techniques to stoke the erotic passion by your own volition, resolve conflict without lingering resentments, and weave the foundation of relationship from the future.

This material is not taught anywhere else, nor by anyone else. It comes straight from the cutting edge insights of cosmoerotic humanism, the experience from within multiple structures of relationship, and the crucible of Aubrey and Vylana’s sacred union.

The future of relationships.

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Sacred Union taught by a Sacred Union

There are a lot of very good relationship coaches. But not a lot of very good relationship coaches that are a living the embodiment of what it means to be in sacred union.

So what then is sacred union? It’s not something that is measured or quantified. It is a felt sense of something that we know in our hearts to be possible.

The problem is that we haven’t been taught the technology to make this possible. Through mentorship with some of the greatest hearts on the planet, decades of psychonautic exploration, the codex of the ancient wisdom of Solomon, Vylana and Aubrey hold the codes to transmit this teaching.

And what is possible is a relationship that is a living affront to the old tropes about compromise, therapy, and sacrifice. That type of relationship is possible.

This Course is for YOU.

… whether you are single and still learning how to heal from the wounds of cupid’s arrow.

…whether you are just starting in dating someone, or have been married with kids that are off to college.

… whether you identify more with a masculine energy or a feminine energy.

…if you are interested in joining a community where you are able to meet and grow with potential partners and friends who are also interested in evolutionary love.

…if you want to know the actual, no bullshit secret to sustaining erotic passion. (And no, it’s not what you think, because this hasn’t been taught yet).

…if you are a coach looking to learn how to expand your repertoire to help your clients.

The future of relationships.

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A letter from Aubrey

If there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that I have not taken the easy road to sacred union. And while I wouldn’t change where a single step or a single kiss landed, I wish I would have had the shortcuts.

It’s a paradox, because it actually breaks my heart that I couldn’t have been the man I am now with Vylana to all of my former partners. And yet, I wouldn’t change a single thing because I am exactly where I want to be.

I needed to spend my years in the hard knocks school of polyamory. I needed to come close to marriage twice. And more than anything else, I needed to be ready for my Vylana.

Are you ready for your Aubrey? Are you ready for your Vylana? The one that you could dedicate every poem and every song to, and it would still never describe your love? They are out there. In fact you may be living with them, friends with them, or married to them right now.

But in order to find them you have to be at the frequency where you can See them.

That’s the way it was with Vylana and I. We were right in front of each other for 4 years and we couldn’t see it. We weren’t at the right frequency.

This course will not only support you in rising to that frequency, it’s gonna give you the codes that will allow you to establish the relationship that will stand tall in the new story of our radically transforming collective consciousness.

Aubrey Marcus
Meet your instructor

Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey is the host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, where he interviews the brightest minds in athletics, business, mindset, and spirituality with over 100 million listens.

He is an entrepreneur (founder of Onnit), NYT bestselling author (Own The Day), and a filmmaker (Awake In The Darkness, Dragon of the Jungle, Ayahuasca, and Huachuma).

He is the visionary behind the transformational coaching program, Fit For Service.

Aubrey considers it his dharma to share the most important lessons from his experience with love and relationships.

Vylana Marcus
Meet your instructor

Vylana Marcus

Vylana is a visionary sound alchemist who has dedicated her life to healing the collective consciousness as both an artist and a medicine woman.

She is a living permission slip for all beings to remember the full breadth and magic of their birthright.

Vylana’s true art form is embodying the full expression of the heart, body, mind, shadow, and spirit. She recognizes that EVERY part of us is worthy of love and she transmutes the frequency of unconditional Love into her music, movement, and medicine.

What You Get

Program Details

Video + Written

9-week course

Access to a 9-week course created by Aubrey and Vylana Marcus to help you learn to love others in a whole new way and what it takes to create a Sacred Union. Through the 10 Rules of Sacred Union, you will gain skills to help change not only how you show up in relation to yourself as well as to others. You will deconstruct what you have been taught about “successful relationships” and learn a new paradigm to achieve a level of intimacy unlike any you have experienced before.

Via Zoom

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week you will have access to live coaching calls with Aubrey and Vylana where they will elaborate on the week’s content, answer questions, and offer an opportunity for direct feedback on how to transform your romantic life.

Lifetime Access

Fit For Service App

The Fit For Service App will have a private group for members to have a space to connect and reflect on their journey throughout the course. This group will also house recordings of the weekly calls with Aubrey and Vylana and any bonus content that is made available. In addition, you will be given lifetime access to the Fit For Service App which supports an already thriving community and a robust library of media content from Fit For Service Coaches.

Application Required

In-person Summit

Upon completion of the course (and if your application is accepted), members will be invited to a three-day summit in Malibu, California. Aubrey and Vylana will host workshops, masterclasses, and immersive practices to help members apply all they have learned through the 9-week course. Here members will not only have the chance to connect with others, but get an opportunity to start their new way forward in romance.

The future of relationships.

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