What is Fit For Service?

The thirty second answer is that Fit For Service is a coaching program that combines digital education with in-person transformative experiences to help people ‘remember in community’ so they can ‘serve their community.’ We offer online courses, an app, and in-person events.

If you have ten minutes to dive deeper, I’ll briefly share our core ‘myth,’ Fit For Service’s mission, core principles, and answer some FAQs.

Our Core Story

You’ll know a culture when you know their myths, and the story at the center of Fit For Service is called ‘The Rainmaker’.

Once upon a time, a Westerner who studied anthropology was traversing China. He came upon a village that was going through a drought. The Westerner asked the elders what they were going to do about the drought.

“Are you telling your people to dig deeper wells?”
“Have you asked neighboring tribes for water?”

The elders amusingly told the Westerner, “no.” They had called for The Rainmaker.

Later that day, an old woman came to the village and the elders hurried to her and guided her to a hut at the edge of the village. She entered, and for the next three days, the people of the village gathered around a central fire, shared plays, music, and danced.

The village buzzed with aliveness.

At the end of the third day, it began to rain. It rained all night, and the Westerner went to the hut the wise woman had entered and waited for her to emerge.

As the water drenched land met the morning sun, the woman existed and the Westerner asked her,

“How did you do it?”

The woman said,

“I come from a land that is in order. Because the land is in order, when the land needs to rain, it rains. When I came here, the land was out of order, and it brought me out of order. So I came to this hut to put myself in order. Once I came into order, the land came into order, and once the land came into order, the land did what it needed to do; and so it rained.

At least… this is the story these people believe.

The truth is… I come from a land where everyone knows they are rainmakers.

Villages that have not yet accepted that they are rainmakers, they call on us.

If you noticed, when I came here, what did this village do?

They gathered around a fire. They re-membered in community. They shared stories, they played, they danced, and they sung.

They brought this land into order.

I simply come and wait in this hut until they are finished.

I give them permission to remember they are rainmakers.”

Fit For Service is a village that helps people remember they are rainmakers.

Our Mission: Be Fit To Bear Fires

The first technology that unlocked community was fire.

Fire was the first gathering place.

The first communities humanity has known began around a fire. It gave us light at night, warmth during the cold, and unlocked alchemy – cooking, smelting, burning, and transformation.

Our digital age is the great grandchild of fire. All of our digital technology and communication lives on controlled fire – electricity.

And now, we are struggling to be fit stewards of this fire.

Our communities have never been more fractured. 1 in 5 people report not having a single close friend. Loneliness is a greater predictor of all-cause mortality than smoking a pack of cigerettes a day, being an alcoholic, being obese, and living in an area with high air pollution.

Our mission at Fit For Service is to use our digital technology to bring people back to the fire of living felt community.

Our core fire is our Fit For Service Core events. At our Cores, we go through transformational experiences together like ecstatic dance, breathwork, group meditations, long silent walks on wild land, and activating workshops.

Our goal at our Cores is to help people remember that they are rainmakers – that when they take responsibility for their inner order and come together to share, connect, celebrate, and serve, they can bring rain where there are droughts.

We are successful when our members bring their aliveness home. We fail if they don’t. We are dedicated to honing our effectiveness at this mission.

Our secondary fires are our Immersives. These events are smaller, more specialized events. Some focus on optimizing health (like Full Temple Reset). Others focus on relationships (like Road to Union). The Immersives are where our coaches get to teach their areas of expertise and where members get to go deeper on specific subjects.

Our outermost fires are our online courses. Our Core and Immersive events are beyond the financial means of many people who yearn for community, and we are committed to creating world-class online courses where people of all financial means can access the fire we’re cultivating.

Our first course, Full Temple Reset: Home Protocol is available here.

Lastly, there is the Fit For Service App. This is the digital fire we are cultivating for anyone who wants to join and tend the fire of this community. The app is $11.49 a month, and if that is beyond the means of those who want to join, they can email us and we will give them a year’s access for free.

We believe the most effective and elegant way to create beautiful experiences and technology is to operate as a for-profit entity. We use our profit to create incredible events and services, offer scholarships, and to provide our employees with exceptional livelihoods because we believe that is what every for-profit entity should do.

We also want this fire to be accessible to everyone, and we work, play, and create every day to bring this dream more into reality.

If you’d like to stay connected to the pulse of Fit For Service, you can join our newsletter below.

Facing Our Existential Risks: Serving Seven Generations

At Fit For Service, we agree with The Consilience Project that states humanity faces unique and real existential risks. Everything we create and serve is aimed to attempt to address these problems more compassionately and earnestly.

Any transformational work that does not bring people into better stewardship of our planet is incomplete.

Any transformational work that increases tribalism and win-lose game theory dynamics is incomplete.

Any transformational work that does not help people who disagree with each other to have critical conversations compassionately is uncomplete.

We aspire, everyday, to be a more complete transformational community, and each Core, Immersive, and course has these threads woven into them.

We collectively hold the dream that every person is fundamentally good, and when given the resources and opportunities, naturally want to regenerate their relationships, their communities, and the land they live on. Ultimately, this leads to a regeneration of a collective ‘epistemological commons’ where people of all types, variations, and uniqueness can come together to connect, hold critical conversations, and sense make.

If you’re curious to learn more about Existential Risk Theory, and what we can do, below are a couple of resources:

  1. Making Sense of Sensemaking
  2. Aubrey and Daniel Part 1
  3. Aubrey and Daniel Part 2

Be Good Stewards of Our Digital Fire

This topic can feel heavy, yet the relief and responsibility at its core is simple: every conversation you have contributes ever so slightly, either further away from one another or closer together.

The Existential Risks we face will require our collective intelligence. Fit For Service aspires to lead by example, through all that we do, so that these conversations are always available and achievable.

“Lightly, My Darling…”

Aldous Huxley once wrote:

“It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. So throw away your baggage and go forward. There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly, my darling...”

The soft hands we use to hold the weight of facing our existential risks is with the essence of Huxley’s words.

A community has lost its fire when it stops laughing.

Every event, every immersive, every course, every workshop, Zoom call, and Q&A, we remember Huxley’s message. We dance, we sing, we play, and we hold it all lightly.

Our lives matter deeply, the choices we make are saturated with meaning, what we do matters, and goddamnit, it's great fun too!

Beneath it all, we can transform, help the world, and have fun doing so.

Fit For Services Core Principles

  1. Remember we are all Rainmakers.
  2. Be fit to bear fires.
  3. Serve the next seven generations.
  4. Be good stewards of both the physical and digital land we all share.
  5. Dance, sing, connect, and celebrate along the way.


  • What Exactly Happens at Fit For Service?

    We have three types of programs; Cores, Immersives, and Festivals.

    Cores are 9 weeks, where the first 4 weeks are digital masterclasses with the coaches, week 5 is a five day event, with our last 4 weeks being dedicated to integration over zoom. Containers vary between 150 to 300.

    Our Core events are a combination of expressive embodiment practices (breathwork, ecstatic dance, etc), workshops (to deepen awareness, forgiveness, authenticity, etc), games and challenges to hone people’s resilience, and each Core event ends with a talent show highlighting our members.

    Our Immersives are small, more intimate containers focusing on specific aspects of modern life. Kyle’s Full Temple Reset focuses on healing the body, Aubrey and Vylana’s Road To Union gives tool for dating in the modern world, etc. These containers vary between 30 to 150.

    Lastly is our annual festival Arkadia, More to come on this soon. This year’s Arkadia festival will be July 14th-17th. If you’re interested, mark your calendar.

  • Is Fit For Service a Cult?

    Fit For Service is an anti-cult.

    The word cult comes from the latin ‘cultus’ which means “to worship”. But in our colloquial language, a cult is always something negative that usually amounts to the subjugation of individual sovereignty. Historically, cults end up enforcing conformity to the dogmatic dictates of central figures who take advantage of the power granted them. This is literally the opposite of Fit For Service. Fit For Service is an anti-cult. Radical self expression and sovereignty of thought is the baseline, our leaders lead with radical vulnerability, and our goal is to empower everyone to discover a place within themselves where they no longer feel a need to attend Fit For Service events, but know they are welcome to attend whenever they want to remember their own unique mission. However, the passion for this community by its alumni has led some to try to attack Fit For Service with the use of cultish slander. To us, we receive this as a compliment, because it means that the principles we stand for are worthy to place on one’s personal altar.

  • Does Fit For Service Use Psychedelics?

    Although the therapeutic benefits of plant medicines are experiencing a renaissance, and as an organization, we deeply believe in their healing capabilities, Fit For Service is a plant medicine and alcohol free container.

    Before each event, we explicitly ask our members to honor the container as a ceremonial experience in its own right. To that point, we ask that all members refrain from using any plant medicine the week leading up to the event, during the event, and directly following the event. We do not serve alcohol, and we also advise people to not make radical life changes for at least a few weeks after our events.

    It is also important to note; plant medicine is not for everyone. These are powerful tools, and if you have pre-existing mental health related conditions, or currently do not have an experienced and informed community to support a potentially destabilizing experience, it is best to wait until these medicines become legally and clinically available.

  • Do I Have to be _______ (fit, rich, white, beautiful, etc) to Join?

    We live in a time dominated by social media algorithms. We have hundreds of people applying who worry they may not ‘fit in,’ because they don’t look like what they tend to see most often on social media.

    Everyone is welcome. We have members in their 20s and members in their 60s, members of every gender and sexual orientation, race, political perspective, religious belief and body-abledness.

    To zoom out to the big picture – we’re interested in playing ‘the infinite game.’ There is no path forward if our civilization is going to pass through the pending existential risks that excludes any type of person from coming to the fire and sharing their perspective.

    We’re doing our best to be a part of creating a world where everyone is invited to the fire.