What is Fit For Service?

The thirty second answer is that Fit For Service is a coaching program that combines digital education with in-person transformative experiences to help people ‘remember in community’ so they can ‘serve their community.’ We offer online courses, a community app, and in-person events.

If you have ten minutes to dive deeper, I’ll briefly share our core ‘myth,’ Fit For Service’s mission, core principles, and answer some FAQs.

Fit For Service’s Core Story

You’ll know a culture when you know their myths, and the story at the center of Fit For Service is called ‘The Rainmaker’.

Once upon a time, a Westerner who studied anthropology was traversing China. He came upon a village that was going through a drought. The Westerner asked the elders what they were going to do about the drought.

“Are you telling your people to dig deeper wells?”
“Have you asked neighboring tribes for water?”

The elders amusingly told the Westerner, “no.” They had called for The Rainmaker.

Later that day, an old woman came to the village and the elders hurried to her and guided her to a hut at the edge of the village. She entered, and for the next three days, the people of the village gathered around a central fire, shared plays, music, and danced.

The village buzzed with aliveness.

At the end of the third day, it began to rain. It rained all night, and the Westerner went to the hut the wise woman had entered and waited for her to emerge.

As the water drenched land met the morning sun, the woman existed and the Westerner asked her,

“How did you do it?”

The woman said,

“I come from a land that is in order. Because the land is in order, when the land needs to rain, it rains. When I came here, the land was out of order, and it brought me out of order. So I came to this hut to put myself in order. Once I came into order, the land came into order, and once the land came into order, the land did what it needed to do; and so it rained.

At least… this is the story these people believe.

The truth is… I come from a land where everyone knows they are rainmakers.

Villages that have not yet accepted that they are rainmakers, they call on us.

If you noticed, when I came here, what did this village do?

They gathered around a fire. They re-membered in community. They shared stories, they played, they danced, and they sung.

They brought this land into order.

I simply come and wait in this hut until they are finished.

I give them permission to remember they are rainmakers.”

Fit For Service is a village that helps people remember they are rainmakers.

Be Fit to Bear Fires – The Mission of Fit For Service

The first technology that unlocked community was fire.

Fire was the first gathering place.

The first communities humanity has known began around a fire. It gave us light at night, warmth during the cold, and unlocked alchemy – cooking, smelting, burning, and transformation.

Our digital age is the great grandchild of fire. All of our digital technology and communication lives on controlled fire – electricity.

And now, we are struggling to be fit stewards of this fire.

Our communities have never been more fractured. One in five people report not having a single close friend. Loneliness is a greater predictor of all-cause mortality than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, being an alcoholic, being obese, and living in an area with high air pollution.

Our mission at Fit For Service is to use digital technology to bring people back to the fire of living, feeling connected to community.

Our central fire is our Fit For Service Core. In the full year Core program, we go through weekly coaching, and transformational events. The events include experiences like ecstatic dance, breathwork, group meditations, immersions in natural landscapes, and activating workshops.

Our goal of our core program is to help people remember that they are rainmakers – that when they take responsibility for their inner order and come together to share, connect, celebrate, and serve, they can bring rain where there are droughts. We are successful when our Members bring their aliveness home.

Our secondary fires are our Immersives. These events are smaller, more specialized events. Some focus on optimizing health (like Full Temple Reset). Others focus on relationships (like Road to Union). The Immersives are where our coaches get to teach their areas of expertise and where Members get to go deeper on specific subjects. They are also the window.

Our outermost fires are our Courses and the Fit For Service App. This is the digital fire we are cultivating for anyone who wants to join and tend the fire of this community. There is a recommended donation of $11.49 per month, and if that is beyond the means of those who want to join, they can email us and we will give them a year’s access for any donation amount.

Our first course, Full Temple Reset: Home Protocol is available here.

We desire these fires to be accessible to everyone, so we have made the radical choice to make our organization donation-based. Any person who is accepted will be able to join our events by gifting a financial donation, considered an ante, based upon the clear recognition of the value that Fit For Service provides them as an individual and the world at large. At the conclusion of the event, each Member is invited to complete their full donation to our organization, team members, and event planners, thus ensuring the continued mission of Fit For Service.

If you’d like to stay connected to the pulse of Fit For Service, you can join our newsletter below.

Facing Our Existential Risks: Serving Seven Generations

At Fit For Service, we agree with The Consilience Project that states humanity faces unique and real existential risks. Everything we create and serve is aimed to attempt to address these problems more compassionately and earnestly.

Any transformational work that does not bring people into better stewardship of our planet is incomplete.

Any transformational work that increases tribalism and win-lose game theory dynamics is incomplete.

Any transformational work that does not help people who disagree with each other to have critical conversations compassionately is uncomplete.

We aspire, everyday, to be a more complete transformational community, and each Core, Immersive, and Course has these threads woven into them.

We collectively hold the dream that every person is fundamentally good, and when given the resources and opportunities, naturally want to regenerate their relationships, their communities, and the land they live on. Ultimately, this leads to a regeneration of a collective ‘epistemological commons’ where people of all types, variations, and uniqueness can come together to connect, hold critical conversations, and sense make.

If you’re curious to learn more, here are a couple of resources:

  1. Making Sense of Sensemaking
  2. Aubrey and Daniel Part 1
  3. Aubrey and Daniel Part 2

Be Good Stewards of Our Digital Fire

This topic can feel heavy, yet the relief and responsibility at its core is simple: every conversation you have can contribute ever so slightly, to bring one another closer together.

The existential risks we face will require our individual and collective genius. Fit For Service aspires to lead by example, through all that we do, so that these conversations are always available.

Fit For Services Core Principles

  1. Remember we are all Rainmakers.
  2. Be fit to bear fires.
  3. Serve the next seven generations.
  4. Be good stewards of both the physical and digital lands we all share.
  5. Dance, sing, connect, and celebrate along the way.


  • What is Fit For Service?

    Fit For Service is a community, a resource for online education, and a transformational container that combines coaching with in-person experiences. Our goal is to provide resources and community and transformational experiences where people leave rejuvenated to serve themselves, their families, communities, and the world at large.

    For some, Fit For Service helps them clarify their life’s purpose. For others, it is a safe place to restore faith that strangers are fundamentally good. For most, it is a place where you can meet trustworthy, lifelong friends and celebrate the joy of being alive. For quite a few, Fit For Service is where they met a new business partner, and for some, they met their life partner.

    Fit For Service is a celebration. It’s a ceremony. It’s a community. It’s a family. It’s unconventional and can be challenging. It’s life changing and as stated by some of our past members, life saving.

    All current Members and Alumni are under no contract or obligation to remain in any form of financial or energetic investment beyond the events and the subsequent offerings (exclusive podcasts, mentorship, coaching, etc.).

  • Is Fit For Service a cult?

    For the .01% out there looking for a good cult to join, this section is going to be disappointing. Fit For Service is not a cult. We host events and offer digital content.

    Our events have music, meditation, dancing, breathwork, hikes on beautiful land, and coaching. We have an explicit rule of no psychedelic use or alcohol consumption during our events (excluding ARKADIA, which served alcohol). We also deeply encourage people to refrain from starting new romantic relationships or making major life changes during and immediately after our events to allow space for integration.

    The reason we have these guidelines is because we understand the ego-dissolving effects that happen in transformational containers and we want people to feel the rejuvenation that happens when we put our identity down for a moment, but we also want them to be able to pick it back up when they go home. We’re proud of how well we’ve done that so far, and we’re excited to get better.

    If we are a cult, then every music festival and coaching seminar is also a cult. But we aren’t. We don’t want people to stay, we don’t want them to “be” anything other than their most authentic unique expression of self.

    We want everyone who joins to come, transform, and leave stronger, more resilient, more certain, and more loved than when they arrived.

  • Why is Fit For Service a donation-based organization?

    The short version is that we met Charles Eisenstein and his book Sacred Economics inspired us (and for better or worse, when we’re inspired, we act).

    So we did it, and now we’re trying to figure out how to create world-class transformational containers in a way where anyone who is truly ready for them can get access to them and still be able to function as an economic entity.

    We ran an experiment with ARKADIA, our first festival. To date, less than 25% that came donated. But 25% of people did donate, and something about that felt miraculous. And we truly believe that the percentage is a sign of how people can get caught up in the momentum of their lives, and less about the quality of their character or reciprocity.

    So, taking the lessons from this, we’re trying a new experiment. Our app, which hosts past workshops, breathworks, dance, masterclasses and a vibrant community of other seekers, is available for a broad range of donations. Our online courses are “pay what you want.” Our immersives and Core program are offered at our minimum viable price to ensure the health of our business and their continuation. Year over year, we continue to run our events and then offer the workshop, and the classes they inspire, as content on our app and as online education. For those unable to attend in person, the wisdom of the experience is available afterwards.

    Our core goal is to help people live vibrant lives of service, and we’re passionate about finding the just right model that allows access to anyone who is ready.

  • What is a More Beautiful World?

    A “More Beautiful World” is not limited to a serene location or idyllic place – it is a shift in perspective.

    We have an incredible opportunity to bring the perspective of a More Beautiful World wherever we go – during our events and throughout the entirety of our individual lives.

    This is how the re-evolution of consciousness happens – by setting a framework for safe connection, celebrating every facet of the human experience, and intimate learning with people you can trust.

  • What do our Members say about Fit For Service?

    These results are from Members who attended at least 2 of 3 Summits in 2021:

    47% of FFS members entered into a new business opportunity due to the FFS experience

    30% of FFS members formed a business partnership with one or more fellow FFS Members

    100% of FFS members built what they expect to be a lifelong friendship with 1 or more Members

    97% of FFS Members experienced significant spiritual growth or emotional healing as a result of their FFS journey

    83% of FFS members feel healthier in their body

    70% of FFS members had their love life improved

    57% of FFS members expanded their digital platform

    100% of FFS members would recommend Fit For Service to a friend or family member

    100% of FFS members feel more Fit For Service after participating in our community

  • What happens at Fit For Service events?

    We have three types of programs: Core, Immersives, and Festivals.

    Our Core program is a year long commitment to coaching and retreats. Our core events are a combination of expressive embodiment practices (breathwork, ecstatic dance, etc.), workshops (to deepen awareness, forgiveness, authenticity, etc.), games and challenges to hone people’s resilience, and each Core event ends with a talent show highlighting our Members unique creative expressions.

    Our Immersives are small, more intimate containers focusing on specific aspects of modern life. Kyle’s Full Temple Reset focuses on healing the body, Aubrey and Vylana’s Road To Union gives tools for dating in the modern world, etc. These containers vary between 30 to 150.

    Lastly, is our annual festival ARKADIA – The Festival of a More Beautiful World. There are speeches, musical performances, live art, fire dancers, cuddle puddles, sweat, laughter, and synchronicities.

  • Does Fit For Service use psychedelics?

    Although the therapeutic benefits of plant medicines are experiencing a renaissance, and as an organization, we deeply believe in their healing capabilities, Fit For Service is a sober container.

    Before each event, we explicitly ask our members to honor the container as a ceremonial experience by not taking any psychedelics during the 5-day event, and we recommend that it is a good idea not to do a major journey directly before or after our event. This gives space for integration.

    It is also important to note; plant medicine is not for everyone. These are powerful tools, and if you have pre-existing mental health related conditions, or currently do not have an experienced and informed community to support a potentially destabilizing experience, it is best to wait until these medicines become legally and clinically available.

  • Do I have to be _______ (fit, rich, white, beautiful, etc) to join?

    We live in a time dominated by social media algorithms. We have hundreds of people applying who worry they may not fit in.

    Everyone is welcome. We have Members in their 20’s and Members in their 60’s, Members of every gender and sexual orientation, race, political perspective, religious belief, and body-abledness.

    To zoom out to the big picture – we’re interested in playing ‘the infinite game.’ There is no path forward if our civilization is going to pass through the pending existential risks that excludes any type of person from coming to the fire and sharing their perspective.

    We’re doing our best to create a world where everyone is invited to the fire.

  • Why does Fit For Service have an application?

    We’ve learned from years of experience that some people are ready for what we have to offer and some people aren't. The application is for everyone involved to feel into whether this is the right fit. Once approved, you are able to attend any event you feel called to attend, given it is not already sold out.

    We have dedicated team members that read every application. We love to learn about you and what brought you to us. Our application process helps us co-create better containers and allows us to connect directly with you.

    One of the best gifts we can give to another is our story. Another is to listen to someone else's story.