The Offerings

The Pre-festival Arkadia Series

Along with getting access to our 4-day ARKADIA Festival, your festival ticket will also grant access to the ARKADIA Series. These will be a collection of previously unreleased interviews between Aubrey Marcus and experts like Charles Eisenstein, Zach Bush, Matias De Stefano, Wim Hof and others who unfold the framework for us to dream into a new reality.

These conversations will cover the following tenets of creating a more beautiful world:


Led by Charles Eisenstein


Led by Blue of Earth


Led by Zach Bush M.D.


Led by Paul Chek

Politics & Government

Led by Daniel Schmachtenberger


Led by Guy Sengstock


Led by Vylana and Aubrey Marcus


Led by Kyle Kingsbury and Chad Johnson


When we gather, we find an island of sanity; we remember who we truly are and what we are here to do. Festivals then, are a synchronicity generator—they bring us into a state that is not possible by maintaining the status quo. Learning and dancing freely with trustworthy allies synchronizes our timelines and unites us together. This level of self-expression is the Holy Grail of manifestation. When we dance, every movement is an expression of the Divine, and each drop of sweat, smile, and “aha moment” serves as a prayer returned in gratitude.

In addition to an epic musical lineup, this festival is one of unparalleled intimacy with a maximum of 1,000 people converging. After over four years of creating transformational events, we’ve also chosen that ARKADIA be curated with like-minded, open-hearted attendees. This intimacy, combined with high-profile speakers and musicians, only amplifies our ability to make unmistakable ripples in the worlds we live in. That is why we trust you to buy tickets for those you also trust.

Consider yourself fully invited to join us on this timeline and actively take part in this re-evolution, for your own fulfillment and for the good of all!

Lifetime Access

To the fit for service app

App screenshots

You will get lifetime access to the Fit For Service app so you can connect with people remembering and creating the more beautiful world, a world that is made possible by your digital and physical contributions.

Lifetime Allies

Every member that has ever filled out a Fit For Service survey has reported finding and making at least one new friend (who they consider a lifelong friend) by coming to our programs.

You will likely experience the radical hope, at a depth that’ll be hard to forget, that comes from meeting so many others who remember what truly matters. And you’ll undoubtedly meet a few people in this container that will be your closest friends for the rest of your life.

The ARKADIA Interview Series and app experience are designed in a choose-your-own-adventure format. You can do all of them, none of them, or be as active in the app as feels supportive. We trust you to tune in when you are called. If you only come to the festival, you will leave remembering your unique role while also being inextricably connected to loyal allies.